William Miguel

Hello there! šŸ‘‹

Iā€™m William Miguel, a graphic designer and web developer, working in Los Angeles. For inquiries, say hello@w-miguel.com.

šŸ“‚ Projects

Flintridge Center

Theme Development

For Flintridge Center, I was hired to develop a Wordpress Theme, developing custom pages, blog post taxonomies, and stylings to display their incredible work.

Roger Ebert Reviews

Web App Project

A project in which we had to build a web app that grab information from an API. This was a search engine for searching and reading reviews written by Roger Ebert.

69 Love Songs


Using the songs and lyrics of The Magnetic Fields, I worked on this small project to develop my skills with JavaScript & jQuery to build a lyric browser.

The Grid Album Project

CSS Project

A small exercise with CSS and JavaScript using an old art project from my college days. Meant to illustrate the before and after of album cover art turned into pixelated art.